15 Movies Filmed in Fiji (with Trailers and Set Locations)

Fiji is a popular movie set, so if you’re lucky you might run into a famous actor or director when you visit. Here’s a cinematic tour of some noteworthy films you can watch before you experience the islands for yourself:

  1. “Cast Away” (2000)
Cast Away with Tom Hanks
  • Background: This iconic survival drama, starring Tom Hanks, showcased Fiji’s remote Mamanuca Islands.
  • Set Location: Monuriki Island, Mamanuca Islands.
  1. “The Blue Lagoon” (1980)
The Original Blue Lagoon
  • Background: A timeless romance featuring Brooke Shields, set against Fiji’s breathtaking natural beauty.
  • Set Location: Nanuya Levu (Turtle Island), Yasawa Islands.
  1. “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid” (2004)
Yes, Fiji has jungles
  • Background: This action-packed thriller brought the heart-pounding hunt for a rare orchid to Fiji’s dense jungles.
  • Set Location: Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve, Viti Levu.
  1. “The Sapphires” (2012)
It’s a feel-good movie
  • Background: An inspiring musical comedy-drama based on a true story.
  • Set Location: Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu.
  1. “The Bounty” (1984)
Anthony Hopkins before he was “Sir”
  • Background: A historical drama depicting the infamous mutiny on the HMS Bounty.
  • Set Location: Ovalau, Levuka.
  1. “Adrift” (2018)
Adrift at sea after a tropical storm
  • Background: A gripping tale of survival set against the backdrop of a devastating hurricane.
  • Set Location: Pacific Ocean, Fiji waters.
  1. “Bula Quo!” (2013)
You’ll enjoy it more if you know the band!
  • Background: This action-comedy features the iconic rock band Status Quo in a Fiji-based adventure.
  • Set Location: Denarau Island, Viti Levu.
  1. “Blue Crush” (2002)
Yes, Cloudbreak is awesome!
  • Background: A surf-centric drama capturing the thrill of riding Fiji’s renowned waves.
  • Set Location: Cloudbreak, Tavarua Island.
  1. “The Thin Red Line” (1998)
A war film with big stars
  • Background: A war epic directed by Terrence Malick, showcasing Fiji’s lush jungles.
  • Set Location: Viti Levu’s interior.
  1. “The Land Has Eyes” (2008)
The live action Moana we should have had
  • Background: A captivating drama exploring cultural clashes in a Fijian village.
  • Set Location: Rotuma.
  1. “Return to the Blue Lagoon” (1991)
The scenery steals the show
  • Background: A sequel to “The Blue Lagoon,” continuing the tale of love and survival.
  • Set Location: Nanuya Levu (Turtle Island), Yasawa Islands.
  1. “The Wedding Party” (2010)
Rom Com
  • Background: A romantic comedy capturing the essence of Fijian traditions.
  • Set Location: Beqa Island.
  1. “Nate and Hayes” (1983)
You can feel the sunshine in this movie
  • Background: A swashbuckling adventure featuring piracy on the high seas.
  • Set Location: Ovalau, Levuka.
  1. “Island of the Burning Damned” (1967)
Fiji and sci-fi what’s not to love?
  • Background: A sci-fi thriller exploring mysterious happenings on a remote island.
  • Set Location: Suva, Viti Levu.
  1. “Survivor” (2015)
There’s no Survivor like Survivor Fiji
  • Background: A suspenseful thriller showcasing the beauty of Fiji’s landscapes.
  • Set Location: Mamanuca Islands.

Visiting these film locations in Fiji not only offers a glimpse into the cinematic world but also allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning natural wonders that have graced the silver screen. Fiji truly stands as a cinematic paradise waiting to be explored.

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