The national emergency number within Australia for police, ambulance or fire brigade is 000.

Fiji nationals visiting Australia should call the Fiji High Commission in Canberra or the Fiji Consulate-General in Sydney in the event of an emergency that requires consular assistance.

Click here to contact the Fiji High Commission, Canberra.

Click here to contact the Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission, Sydney.

Please note that the Fiji High Commission in Canberra and Fiji Consulate-General in Sydney cannot assist with:

  • Resolve Australian immigration issues such as illegal entry or expired visas;
  • Intervene in court cases; or bail a Fiji National out of prison;
  • Pay for legal advice or services;
  • Initiate investigation of a crime or start court proceedings for you;
  • Organise get you better treatment for you in hospital or prison than is generally given to Australians;
  • Pay your hotel, legal, medical or any other bills;
  • Pay your travel costs;
  • Pay for the repatriation of human remains/body;
  • Do work normally done by travel agents, airlines, banks or motoring organisations;
  • Get you somewhere to live, a job or work permit.

The High Commission and Consulate General can only provide policy advice in relation to matters listed above where applicable.

We will also be able to provide you with information on how to access certain services and contact family and friends on your behalf.

Require further assistance?

The Fiji High Commission is committed to providing the support you need, when you need it.

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