15 Must-Try Fruits in Fiji when you Visit

When you’re in Fiji, get ready for a flavour-packed journey through some fantastic fruits. These tropical treasures will give your taste buds a treat, and you won’t want to miss a single bite.

Rambutan from Local Markets

When exploring Fiji, you will see this hairy lychee look-alike which can be found at local markets across the islands. Head to bustling markets in towns like Suva or Nadi, or visit roadside stalls for an authentic Fijian experience.

Local vendors often offer fresh rambutan in colorful piles, and you can’t miss the spiky exterior that conceals the juicy, sweet treasure inside. It’s a perfect snack to enjoy on the go or a unique addition to your fruit basket. Engage with the friendly vendors, and you might get tips on selecting the ripest ones.


Fiji’s pineapples are like sunshine on a slice. Sweet and juicy, they’re a perfect snack for a sunny island day.


Dive into the tropical sweetness of Fijian mangoes. The rich, vibrant flavor is pure paradise in every bite.


Bananas in Fiji are a taste of pure bliss. They’re sweet, creamy, and make for the ultimate tropical snack.

Passion Fruit

Let the bold, tangy taste of passion fruit awaken your senses. Spoon out the seeds and savor the tropical explosion.


Fijian guavas are a fruity delight. Bite into the aromatic, pink goodness for a burst of tropical freshness.


Discover the unique flavor of soursop. Creamy and slightly tart, this fruit is a refreshing tropical surprise.

Starfruit (Carambola)

The starfruit’s name fits perfectly. Slice it up to reveal star-shaped pieces with a sweet and tangy taste.


When in Fiji, coconuts are a must-try. Fresh coconut water and the tender meat inside are the epitome of island refreshment.


Get ready for a starchy sensation with breadfruit. Whether baked or fried, its versatility adds a unique touch to Fijian dishes.

Batiri Oranges from Vanua Levu

In the lush landscapes of Vanua Levu, Batiri oranges are stealing the spotlight, thanks to the careful hands at Batiri Farm. Climate change may be altering our world, but it’s also creating a sweet demand for these locally grown citrus wonders.

Food Processors (Fiji) Limited has been a pillar of support for Batiri farmers, ensuring that the oranges are nurtured to perfection. A recent harvest at Batiri Farm saw a whopping 102,000 oranges picked, a testament to the fruitful collaboration of 29 individuals from Batiri Village and Vunivere Village.

Rohit Prasad, the Batiri Sales Manager, beams with pride as he shares the success story. “Our sales team is keeping busy, fulfilling orders from Suva Market and leading supermarkets. The demand for Batiri oranges is soaring, and people are loving it!”

If you’re wandering through Suva Market, let your nose guide you. The enticing aroma of sweet Batiri oranges is hard to miss, and the signs proclaiming their goodness will lead you straight to these juicy delights.

Market vendor Jonasa Baleikaba, a seasoned pro with two decades of market charm, proudly adds a new chapter to his offerings. For just $2 a bag, you can take home a slice of Vanua Levu’s citrus treasures. Dive into the sweetness and let Batiri oranges brighten up your Fijian holiday! 🍊✨


Dive into the sweet and tangy world of pomelo. This giant citrus fruit is a refreshing twist on traditional citrus flavors.

Papaya (Pawpaw)

Fijian papayas, or pawpaws, offer a sweeter, creamier taste. They’re a tropical delight for breakfast or snacking.

Custard Apple (Sweetsop)

Treat yourself to the creamy goodness of custard apples, also known as sweetsop. It’s like having a spoonful of tropical custard.

Dragon Fruit is a Tropical Beauty

Dragon fruit, with its dazzling appearance, has found its way to Fiji’s markets and supermarkets. While not native to Fiji, it has become increasingly popular. Suva Market and larger supermarkets in tourist areas are good places to seek out this tropical delight.

Local vendors often display dragon fruit alongside other vibrant fruits, enticing both locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re wandering through the markets or perusing the aisles of a supermarket, the dragon fruit’s distinctive appearance makes it easy to spot.

As a versatile fruit, dragon fruit in Fiji is enjoyed fresh, added to fruit salads, or blended into refreshing smoothies. Embrace the tropical vibes and make sure to indulge in these exotic treats during your Fijian adventure.

As you explore Fiji’s markets, roadside stalls, and local spots, make sure to grab these fruity wonders. Each bite is a taste of the tropical paradise that Fiji has to offer. Enjoy the fruity adventure! 🍍🍌🌟

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