Fiji Island-Hopping by Air (Where you can Fly to) 🌴✈️

So you’re planning to see more than just one island in Fiji and don’t rate your sea-legs? Ready to explore the magical islands of Fiji by air? Buckle up because we’re about to take off on a super cool adventure in the sky!

Let’s Learn About Fiji’s Airports

Airport NameLocationICAO CodeWhat’s Cool
Nadi International AirportNadi, Viti LevuNFFNConnects to big islands and other countries
Nausori International AirportSuva, Viti LevuNFNAFlights within Fiji, near the capital
Labasa AirportLabasa, Vanua LevuNFNLFlights up north, cool for exploring the top
Savusavu AirportSavusavu, Vanua LevuNFNSFlights to hidden gems, like a secret paradise
Taveuni AirportMatei, TaveuniNFNMFlights to the “Garden Island,” super green
Kadavu AirportVunisea, KadavuNFKDFlights to untouched Kadavu, a real adventure

Nadi International Airport

For an in-depth look at Nadi Airport, check this out. These cool airlines ready to whisk you to and from Nadi International Airport:

Fiji Domestic Airport

International Sky Explorers

  • Fiji Airways
  • Air Kiribati
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Niugini
  • Air Vanuatu
  • Aircalin
  • Hibiscus Air
  • Jetstar
  • Korean Air
  • Nauru Airlines
  • Solomon Airlines
  • Virgin Australia

Domestic Island Hoppers

  • Fiji Airways
  • Fiji Link
  • Northern Air
  • Pacific Island Air
  • Turtle Airways
  • Heli-Tours Fiji
  • Island Hoppers Helicopters

Now let’s dive into the scoop on Nausori International Airport – your gateway to Suva and beyond!

Nausori International Airport is Suva’s Second Sky Hub

Nausori International Airport is like Suva’s second home for planes. It might not have as many international flights as Nadi Airport, but guess what? It’s the captain of Fiji’s domestic sky routes! Located just 23km from Suva, it’s your ticket to exploring the capital city:

Sky Explorers from Afar

  • Fiji Airways
  • Air Vanuatu

Domestic Island Adventures

  • Fiji Airways
  • Fiji Link
  • Northern Air

Imagine the thrill of taking off from Nausori International Airport, ready to explore Fiji’s wonders! Get set for a sky-high adventure – Suva and beyond are waiting for you! 🛫🌍🏝️

Other Domestic Airports in Fiji

Let’s uncover the secrets of Fiji’s domestic airports – where adventure meets the sky in the most basic and awesome way possible! Fiji boasts a whopping 25+ domestic airports! Picture this: tiny runways surrounded by tropical beauty. And get this – except for Nadi and Nausori, only four of these airports have fancy paved runways. Talk about keeping it real!

Skyports in the Mix:

Cicia AirportCicia (Lau Islands)
Vunisea AirportKadavu
Koro AirportKoro Island
Labasa AirportVanua Levu
Lakeba AirportLau Islands
Rotuma AirportUnknown Location
Savusavu AirportVanua Levu
Matei AirportTaveuni
Vanuabalavu AirportLau Islands
Moala AirportLau Islands
Levuka AirfieldLomaiviti

While there are even more secret airstrips, these are the ones where the cool airlines Fiji Link and Northern Air take you. Others? Well, they’re like hidden gems used for deliveries or whisking lucky folks to private resorts.

Get ready to embrace the basics, feel the island vibes, and take off for adventure from these little pieces of paradise in the sky! 🌴✈️🏝️

Explore Fiji’s Paradise: Island Transfers and Charter Flights

Embark on a journey like never before as we unveil the magic of island transfers and charter flights in Fiji. Whether by small plane, seaplane, or helicopter, these options bring you closer to your dream resorts, providing unparalleled convenience and breathtaking views.

Helicopter Adventures

Fiji Helicopter Service

Flying High, Landing Right

Helicopter transfers redefine luxury by offering a flexible airport-to-door service. While a tad pricier, the convenience of direct routes to resorts in island groups untouched by domestic flights is unbeatable.

Destinations on Air

  • Islands Hoppers Fiji: Nadi Airport to Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Denarau, Coral Coast, Suncoast, Pacific Harbour, and Beqa.
  • Heli-Tours Fiji: Nadi Airport to Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Coral Coast, Pacific Harbour, and Beqa.
  • Pacific Island Air: Nadi Airport/Denarau Helipad to Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Coral Coast, Pacific Harbour & Beqa, Suncoast, and Vanua Levu.

Note for Sky Explorers

Weight and baggage limits apply for helicopter flights, so pack wisely and get ready for a sky-high adventure.

Plane and Seaplane Escapes

Taking Off to Tranquility

Planes and seaplanes offer additional options for island transfers. While planes need airstrips, seaplanes bring the allure of flexibility with their watery runways.

Winged Wonders in Action

  • Island Hoppers Fiji: Nadi Airport to Malolo Island, Pacific Harbour, Savusavu Airport on Vanua Levu, Matei Airport on Taveuni, Nausori Airport in Suva, and Kadavu Island.
  • Pacific Island Air: Nadi Airport to Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, Suncoast, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Pacific Harbour, and Kadavu.

Seaplane Bliss

  • Turtle Airways: Wailoaloa Beach in Nadi to Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands.
Fiji Seaplane

Get Ready for Takeoff

These island-hopping wonders promise not just transfers but an aerial spectacle. Your journey begins from the moment you lift off, with stunning views and easy access to some of Fiji’s most enchanting destinations.

In Fiji, the sky isn’t just the limit – it’s the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Pack your bags, and let’s soar together! 🚁✈️🏝️

Why Island-Hopping is the Coolest Thing Ever

1. Explore Everywhere:
Fiji’s islands are like a giant treasure hunt! Each one is different, from busy cities to quiet Taveuni – you’ll love exploring them all!

2. Find Hidden Treasures:
Don’t stick to one spot – discover hidden gems! Kadavu is like a secret hideout waiting for you, and Savusavu is a paradise waiting to be explored.

3. Flying is a Breeze:
Fiji’s flights are like magic carpets, making it super easy to hop from one island to another. Quick flights mean more time for fun adventures!

4. Dive into Culture:
Every island has its own cool traditions and yummy foods. Dive into Fijian life, try new foods, and meet awesome people everywhere you go!

5. Nature’s Showtime:
Imagine rainforests, colorful coral reefs, and clear blue waters – Fiji’s islands are like nature’s coolest show! Each island is a new episode!

Fiji’s Air Transport Infrastructure

Fiji has a relatively well-developed air transport infrastructure. Here are some key points about Fiji’s air transport system:

Fiji Airstrip
  1. Airports:
    • Fiji has 29 airports and air-strips, with Nadi International Airport being by far (about 98% by international passenger volume) the main international gateway.
    • Other major airports include Nausori International Airport (near Suva, the capital), Labasa Airport, Savusavu Airport, Taveuni Airport, and Kadavu Airport.
  2. Air Carriers:
    • Fiji Airways is the national carrier and operates both domestic and international flights.
    • There are other domestic carriers providing services between the islands.
  3. Domestic Connectivity:
    • Domestic flights play a crucial role in connecting the various islands in Fiji due to the dispersed nature of the archipelago.
    • These flights facilitate travel between Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, and other smaller islands.
  4. International Connectivity:
    • Nadi International Airport serves as a major hub for international flights, connecting Fiji to destinations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and other Pacific nations.
  5. Runways and Facilities:
    • Airports in Fiji are equipped with modern facilities to handle both domestic and international flights.
    • Nadi International Airport, in particular, has undergone expansions and improvements to accommodate the growing number of travelers.
  6. Air Navigation Services:
    • Fiji Air Navigation Services provides air traffic control and navigation services to ensure the safe and efficient movement of aircraft within Fiji’s airspace.
  7. Tourism Impact:
    • The air transport infrastructure is vital for Fiji’s tourism industry, as many tourists arrive by air, especially through Nadi International Airport.
Fiji Small Island

Best Tip Ever: Why Pick Just One?

Fiji is like a giant playground, and each island is a different game to play. Don’t miss out – island-hop and see all the amazing stuff Fiji has waiting for you!

Ready to soar through the Fijian skies? Let’s go on this awesome adventure together! 🚀🏝️✨

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