Fiji High Guide to Where to Buy Food in Fiji 🌴🍕🥭

Ready to dive into the deliciousness of Fiji and want to know where to buy some food when you’re there? Let me be your food guru and show you where to snag the best treats in this tropical wonderland.

6 Quick Food Tips

Before we get started, keep these 6 food buying tips in mind when in Fiji:

  1. Smart Snacking:
    Stock up on snacks and water if staying on outer islands due to limited availability and high prices.
  2. Biosecurity Awareness:
    Check biosecurity rules before arriving to know what food items you can bring into Fiji.
  3. Budget-Friendly Dining:
    At island resorts, opt for a late lunch or early dinner from the lunch menu for more budget-friendly options.
  4. Ask About Food Preparation:
    Clarify with locals about meat and seafood preparations, especially regarding bones.
  5. Kitchen Facilities Check:
    Confirm whether your resort room includes kitchen facilities; usually, only apartments or villas offer this luxury.
  6. Currency Exchange Caution:
    Be mindful of currency exchange rates when making purchases, as they can vary, impacting your overall spending.

Now let’s get into where you can buy food in Fiji!

Local Markets

First stop, the coolest local markets ever! Places like Suva Municipal Market are like foodie wonderlands. You can find fresh fruits, crazy spices, and meet locals who are basically flavor wizards. It’s a vibe!

MH Supermarkets logo


When you’re feeling all modern and stuff, hit up supermarkets like MH and NewWorld. They’re like treasure troves of snacks, meats, and even international goodies. Grab some Fijian snacks and get ready to munch!

Summary of Typical Food Prices in Fiji (FJD) from Supermarkets

Here’s a comparison of typical food prices in Fiji (from MH Supermarket in Fijian Dollars). While Australian (AUD) and US (USD) prices are not provided, we can make general comments on the affordability of staple items.

ItemFiji (FJD)Comments
Potatoes (60/80 kg)$3.49Reasonably priced staple for meals.
Rewa Life UHT Milk (1L)$2.90Affordable daily essential.
Onions (45/70 kg)$3.28Moderately priced cooking ingredient.
Garlic (400g)$2.18Standard cost for a common spice.
Crest Chicken Frozen (No.16)$19.95Pricier, possibly due to processing and freezing.
Sunbell Tuna (170g)$2.15Affordable protein source.
Rewa F/Cream Powder Milk (450g)$5.51A bit costly for powdered milk.
Maggi Chicken Noodle (80g, 10pk)$7.35Slightly on the higher side for instant noodles.
Apple (Small, each)$0.70Economical fruit option.
FMF Normal Flour (10kg)$13.45Fairly priced staple, but the savings are notable.
Ram Sami Eggs (Size 7, 30s)$16.95Eggs seem to be relatively more expensive.
Orange (Small, each)$1.50Budget-friendly citrus option.

A quick heads up about food prices in Fiji:

  • Touristy Areas = Pricier Goods:
    If you’re shopping in supermarkets near big tourist spots like resorts or Denarau, things might be a bit more expensive. Just a heads up!
  • Chinese and Indian Supermarkets Rock:
    In bigger towns, you’ll find cool Chinese and Indian supermarkets. They’re like treasure chests for foodies! You can snag spices on the cheap, and lots of stuff is grown right there.
  • Baby Stuff and Special Diets? No Sweat!
    Need baby stuff? No problemo! Big supermarkets got your back with brands like Heinz and Huggies. And if you’re on a special diet, they might have gluten-free goodies and more.
  • Supermarket Hours – Plan Accordingly:
    Supermarkets usually dance to an 8am-5pm beat on weekdays and a shorter 8am-3pm groove on Saturdays. So plan your snack attacks accordingly! 🛒🌟
Fiji Vegetables Stall

Roadside Stalls

Picture this: you’re cruising through Fiji, and bam, you see these cute stalls by the road. Stop! Local farmers are selling the freshest fruits and homemade snacks. It’s like a snack jackpot! The real gems are in food markets and cute roadside stalls in bigger towns. They’re not just cheaper, but your cash goes straight to the farmers – no big corporations in the middle!

  • Cultural Vibes at Markets
    Loads of travelers love these markets not just for the deals but for the cultural buzz. Picture rows of vibrant fruits, friendly Fijians – it’s like a fruity fiesta!
  • Fruit Galore, All Year
    Some fruits are seasonal, like tomatoes, but goodies like pineapples, watermelons, and bananas are here for the party all year. You might buy a bunch or some bigger items solo.
  • Fiji Fruit’s the Real Deal
    Brace yourself – Fiji fruit looks different from what you see in Western supermarkets. It’s all natural and grown locally, making it fresher and sweeter. Yum!
  • Veggie Exploration
    Hit these markets, and you’ll stumble upon veggies you’ve never met before, like dalo or taro (think Fijian potatoes). No worries if you’re clueless; just ask the stall owners – tourists do it all the time! 🍍🥦🌽

Local Convenience Shops

Get ready for some hidden gems – local shops in towns and villages. They’ve got the cool stuff, like homemade jams and traditional snacks. Chat with the owners, get the deets, and leave with a bag full of goodies. They are:

  • Handy for Last-Minute Stuff
    You’ll spot convenience stores all over Fiji – perfect for grabbing things you forgot at the supermarket. They’re like your go-to spot for bits and bobs.
  • A Bit Pricier, but Lifesavers
    Like everywhere else, food in these stores can be a tad pricier than supermarkets. Still, they got your basics covered, even if the selection is not super huge.
  • Spotting Them’s a Skill!
    Here’s the kicker: Fiji’s convenience stores might not scream “I’m a store!” from the outside. Many look like regular buildings with random brand names. So, keep your eyes peeled for signs! 🏪👀

Resort and Hotel Stores

Staying at a fancy resort? Lucky you! Check out their stores for local and international treats. It’s like a snack party without leaving your chill spot.

Fish Markets

Fish fanatics, this one’s for you! Head to fish markets like Suva Fish Market – it’s a seafood extravaganza. From fish to shellfish, it’s a taste of the ocean, Fiji style.

Specialty Stores

Ready to spice things up? Hit specialty stores for cool finds. Think boutique spice shops and fancy chocolate stores. It’s like a gourmet adventure, and you’re the VIP!

Village Stores

For the real deal, hit up village stores. They might be smaller, but they’re filled with Fijian magic. Chat with locals, discover traditional ingredients, and leave with a piece of Fijian culture in your bag.

Now you’re armed with the Fiji High guide! From epic markets to hidden gems, get ready to fill your basket with the most amazing Fijian treats. Let the foodie adventure begin! 🍍🥖🛍️

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